View from the Mountains – 21 Feb 2015

NewsIconSome interesting stories I came across…

Rudy Going Rogue

CNN’s hit piece tries to make the claim that the reverence established on Rudy Giuliani due to his immense leadership, not only during the 9-11 terrorist attacks, but also his efforts to revitalize and bring New York City back to its glory, will be lost by Giuliani’s private revelation that he believes Obama doesn’t love America.

Here is someone who has a documented record of success of bringing a city back from the brink of despair.  He also showed great leadership during the 911 attacks and helped heal a nation.  These are proven accolades of his determined and calm leadership for which many up and coming future political leaders study.

What has Obama achieved in his history that comes close to rivaling Giuliani’s success?  You might disagree with what the former Mayor says about Obama, but to suggest that this will kill his reputation shows that the media is struggling hard with attacks to protect Obama.  I used to remember when the media had an inherent distrust in Government, which is why journalists were given the protections and freedom under the First Amendment.  I would imagine that the founding fathers, seeing the divide within the media itself, would wonder why so many have adopted the idea that journalism has transformed to protect the Government.  It is meant to help protect the citizens from rogue politicians.

Wayne Barrett writes ridiculous article about Rudy

Wayne Barrett has some serious hubris to even write this article.  In it, he attempts to pull out the personal issues he faced over the years as some kind of equivalent argument.  First, Giuliani’s marriage are personal matters.  People have divorces.  Big deal.

Secondly, his comment about Giuliani getting out of the draft is meaningless.  Lots of people didn’t get drafted for various reasons.  In fact, leftists harped on George W. Bush’s National Guard Service, as well as Dick Cheney’s deferment as if, that had any effect on the leadership these men have provided in times of crisis.  They were also very silent on President Clinton’s going overseas to avoid the draft.

He tries to raise suspicion by association with Bernie Kerik. This is a non-sequitur.  So is the history of Giuliani’s family. And to provide context, he states that Obama’s grandfather and uncle (mother’s side) served in WWII, although Obama idolizes his father’s side, for which a vast majority of his political ideology of anti-colonialism come from.

Finally, being a consultant for Qatar, and trying to link the terrorists for 911 to that regime, without thinking about context, and at the same time, not calling on the President to link the obvious Islamic radicalism of ISIL.

Wayne Barrett has no context and certainly is unfair.  Perhaps he should not attempt to make it personal when he can’t apply the same standards to those he most likely reveres.

HHS snafu causes error for 800,000 tax forms required for 2014 tax filings.

So, people still think that a government-run program is a good thing?  And in addition, some 50,000 individuals may have already filed with bad forms.  Companies are mandated by law to get W-2’s, 1099’s and other tax forms to consumers by Jan 31st.  In some cases, there are penalties if employers fail to meet the deadline.  Government wants you to file your returns as quickly as possible to lessen the flood of returns to process by April 15th.  What penalty does the Government pay when it screws up?

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