Go Figure.

Liberal policies and our education system.

The Maryland State Department of Education recently released tests results from the 2022 Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program, or MCAP. The most liberal city in the state is Baltimore and it was reported that 23 schools had ZERO – NONE – ZILCH – NADA – NIL students proficient in math.

It was also reported that a high school student had a GPA of 0.13, having failed all but 3 classes. He ranked 62 out of a 120. The mother of the student slammed the school for not doing its job. She is risking a lot standing up to the school for its punitive neglect of students considering that the FBI and the DOJ frown on parents who criticize public education.

Back in 2021, Oregon’s governor signed legislation suspended testing requirements for graduation. According to founder of the Black Women’s advocacy group Mxm Bloc, kids of color and other kids with special needs do not test as well, although she shared no data to support her statement. The soft bigotry the left spews continues unchallenged by the “media”.

What is coming out of our schools is a focus on social justice and social equality above everything else. Science and math are the casualties in favor of attacking “white supremacy”. For example:

So when you’re out in the forest or in the desert on a survival excursion, make sure you take along the Project 1619 papers. If you get thirsty, just read a page or two. Snake bites or bear attacks? Apply the section on white supremacy to your wounds. Should heal right up.

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