Corporate Misinformation

You're actually serious

Twitter is promoting it.

And yet..

Alex was suspended for providing the same facts, but a different perspective on the vaccine that is free from political influence. Twitter called it misleading, but outside of Dorsey’s playhouse is the real world.

Firefighters have come out in an attempt to defend it by using terrible semantics:

Fisking each one:

A) Immediately contradicted himself.

B) It doesn’t prevent hospitalization, it merely reduces your risk of being hospitalized, severe illness or death – except that risk has not been determined by studies as of yet that show by how much of a lowered risk when vaccinated. I know of several people through acquaintances who were vaccinated, still caught the Delta variant, were hospitalized and later died. Highly effective has yet to be determined.

C) It’s not a therapeutic. Except it is, and his point B explains it. A vaccine will PREVENT you from catching the virus. A therapeutic will help you fight the disease. The CDC director even said the vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting it. What other term is used to describe a medicine helps you fight the disease when you catch it?

D) That’s open to interpretation. The media has done a great job ignoring miscarriages, heart problems, and other more serious side effects, including the “investigative firefighter reporter” in the tweet above.

Twitter allows journalists who side with the government to spread misinformation while suppressing reasonable opinions from those who question the vaccine with data. Bereson’s investigations of the Covid origins, misinformation from government officials, and legitimate questioning of the “science” has been removed from the platform that wants to eliminate (squints) .. uh.. misinformation.

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