Apologies for the Delay..

Unlike Joe Biden (and Bill Schmalfeldt), I actually have a real job that benefits real Americans. Usually, I stage the Rule 5 and Fun Fact posts over the weekend. Unfortunately, this weekend saw a client escalation that required my attention. Since “C” level types are watching from above with great interest, some weekend activities were delayed.

Now that the world is no longer on fire.. er.. well, at least the production problems have been resolved, things should be back to normal.

Thanks for being patient.

1 thought on “Apologies for the Delay..

  1. Trying to comment. BS seems to have a radio gig in Chillicothe, MO and finally married Di. Been there since December I think. Apparently laying low, not making many political comments (although he took a swipe at Trump in the past couple of day), seem to have 3 or so cats. Perhaps he has learned his lesson.
    No sign of his Stage Eleventy Parkinson’s. He should be careful though. Chillicothe iw hardly Woke, MO.

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