Not making this up.

The bravery and courage is soooo..

The article does some sketchy reporting of several left wing journalists who were in the building during the riots on January 6th. I’ve never seen a bunch of folks who were scared of a riot by unarmed protesters in my life. Many reporters have covered the BLM riots where stores were looted and burned, people were attacked viciously, and police were told to stand down. Some of those reporters have been attacked at these protests, but for some reason, none of them have been portrayed as valiant warriors like the ones in this “article”. Even Andy Ngo still manages to report on the Antifa riots despite repeated brutal attacks.

The truth is, the riots in the Capitol were tame. Although I agree that rioters who caused damage should be prosecuted, those who have been charged are slowly watching their due process rights being bulldozed. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were appeals being filed soon that might go to the Supreme Court on how the FBI and DOJ handled these cases. In places like Minnesota, NY and Chicago, rioters who caused actual damages have been freed.

Still, what caught my attention was this:

“I do remember just feeling unsafe in my house,” said Wasson. “It occurred to me, like, I wonder if some protesters could be tracking me or could show up at my house. There was definitely a moment of fear, and just trying to assess whether there was actually any danger to me and my family.”

Wasson said he’d had guns drawn on him by Cambodian soldiers when he was working overseas. Desjardins has covered a war, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Ginger Gibson, a politics editor at NBC News, has covered natural disasters and murder scenes. 

But this was different.

Is it my imagination or did the reporters make assumptions about Trump supporters that were untrue? Those feckless reporters may say that the crowd posed a serious danger, but as it turned out, it was the worst unarmed insurrection ever. And yet, these so called journalists and reporters, when faced with the facts of the events, have stood firm to their irrational beliefs that they were in danger and want us all to feel sorry for them.

In all, five people died. Three of them has medical conditions: One was a heart attack, another suffered a struck, and a police officer was misreported as having died from injuries from a fire extinguisher. It was months later when the truth came out on Officer Sicknick. The other two: One was apparently crushed to death, and the other was Ashli Babbitt, the only known death by firearm. She was killed by the Capitol Police.

And we still don’t know who placed the bombs at the RNC and DNC headquarters the night of January 5th. If only there were some brave reporters in Washington, D.C. who could help figure that out. Nope, they are in the fetal position under their desks. Oh well.

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