Might explain a few things.

I’m always a bit skeptical of things I read on Twitter in general where I don’t have much context. However, one of the theories I have suggests that recounts would be meaningless if the calibration of machines weren’t verified. While I have not been following testimony much because, you know, I have a day job, I haven’t seen issues raised whether voting machines had been properly calibrated. And if someone certified the machines as being properly calibrated, what sample ballots were used to calibrate them?

If this turns out to be true, and if the machines that Trump’s legal team have confiscated and can demonstrate there is a calibration issue, or that the software incorrectly counts votes, this may create more legal issues for certifications. It would also mean that Trump got millions more votes than the current 74 million reported.

One other thing of note:

I would like to remind folks to watch this video of Democrats challenging the Electoral College certification where they used the Clinton Russian interference campaign narrative.

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