Strange things..

Still not convinced that Biden won.

Having been on vacation this week after finally concluding the long project from Chicago (I have been working from home since February) I am slowly catching up on events and news since the election.

It’s pretty clear that the math shows many anomalies in the number of ballots cast that doesn’t square with reality. You would think that science believers on the left who depend on lots of weird math to prove climate change would agree that something strange is going on in, coincidentally, swing states. Trump was winning those states on election night only to see them slip away days later, sorta like what happened in a number of republican held California districts in 2018.

While the media and the swamp pundits dutifully proclaim “we see no evidence of fraud” because Biden was pronounced the winner by the media, I would posit that this was the plan all along.

Back in 2018, a video came out showing Google leadership expressing anger and frustration that Trump had won. Facebook and Twitter also had similar stories of upset employees. Indeed, this was all during the Russian Mueller Witch Hunt trials where the media, Democrats, leftist pundits were screeching unwaveringly that Russia had its claws in Trump and the 2016 election was influenced by Russian misinformation.

In 2019 and early 2020, the social media platforms all got together to build tools to help educate the public on elections, specifically to inform voters about the election process and suppress or remove anything that was deemed false or misleading. Some of this was in response to President Trump’s prescient warnings that Democrats were going to steal the 2020 election.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and other platforms teamed up with media outlets to create fact checker clearing houses demanded by, of all people, democrats in Congress. They contend that Trump was a major source of misinformation and often called for his removal from social media platforms. It wasn’t enough the Democrats failed on many fronts to remove Trump; it was very important that the election keep Trump from winning a second term. And as luck would have it, Covid was the perfect opportunity to use the 2018 California gambit of mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, and placing operatives in ballot counting locations where possible. Georgia may be the place where the investigation into improprieties reveals the extent of the enterprise.

In short: The consistent movement of countering Trump at every turn, only to see him lose in a strange coincidence of anomalies suggests there was a larger conspiracy. All one needs to do is put the shoe on the other foot. Had Clinton not conceded and chose to challenge the election, you can bet the other side would have demanded every investigation possible to prove Trump had won. She didn’t, which makes the vote totals for Biden seem all that more suspicious.

Each day, new revelations come from Sydney Powell, Lin Wood, Jenna Ellison, Rudy Giuliani and others who are uncovering more and more “lack of evidence” in key areas where the math doesn’t add up. Whether they accomplish forcing the judiciary to invalidate the results, and/or get the state legislatures to choose electors, or even force a vote in the US House of Representatives remain to be seen.

If I had a gut feel on this, I would say Trump probably won’t be able to do much before the clock runs out. There are a couple more weeks to go before the deadline of electors to cast their votes. However, since Trump has pretty much defied all odds on most everything since his rise to the Presidency, I would say the odds get better as cases get closer to the Supreme Court.

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