Sonoran Conservative Endorses President Trump

The man has earned the vote.

Of course, this wasn’t exactly a hard decision. I went into my early voting place today and cast my ballot. Normally, I spend time looking at all candidates and pick who I think will do the best, both locally and nationally. I’ve voted for Democrats or Independents when Republican candidate was just not good.

This year, it’s straight down ballot voting for Republicans. Democrats cannot be trusted no matter their past record. In 2018, Democrats took over the House, campaigning on Health care and other kitchen table issues while promising not to impeach Trump. In more purple districts, candidates even promised to work with him. Once elected, that all changed. Their “take no prisoner, we’re going to impeach the motherf*cker” motives proved it was never about the people – it was all to remove Trump.

And if they succeed, they have plans for Americans who voted for Trump. Recently, some have called to round up Trump supporters, conservatives, and anyone who opposed their beliefs and place them in re-education camps. Others have gone further and called for a truth and reconciliation commission to punish the more ardent supporters of Trump. Despite Biden’s claim he would be President for all Americans, the truth came out during a stop in Pennsylvania – he cares nothing for Trump supporters. It’s all a lie.

Yet, despite all that, more people I know are voting for Trump and the reasons are clear. Pundits and conservative voices who once expressed reservation have committed to voting for Trump. They are telling their readers, acolytes, friends, family and others to do the same. I’ve watched many in my own circle who were skeptical of Trump in 2016 now openly endorse Trump and will vote for him.

And while some are voting for Trump because of his record, others are voting because they’ve watched the Dems torch everything they can to the ground. Lawlessness, looting, rising crime, policies of death during the pandemic in nursing homes, and vile attacks on Supreme Court nominees are just a few of their many tactics to undermine the President. Their behavior has been despicable and downright evil. Nothing hurts them more than depriving them of power.

My hope is that Trump pulls as many Republicans as possible across the finish line in the tight Senate and House races. It’s not just electing Trump but giving him the help he needs in Congress. Even if it’s for another four years, Trump has shown he can handle it. Hopefully, he wins the popular vote as well, defying all the pollsters and pundits once again.

Vote for Trump. Vote for America.

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