McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

The media is at it again.

The AP interviewed several residents who stated they are scared of Covid. One even mentioned that Biden had a plan for dealing with the pandemic because he wears a mask. But according to the article, Trump is losing the geriatric crowd and that might spell trouble for him on election night. To prove it is a serious concern, the AP says 300 golf carts participated in a caravan to cast their votes for Biden. The entire exercise lasted just over 40 minutes.

For The Villages, 300 golf carts is not a lot. Caravans of Trump supporters numbering in the hundreds of carts intermingle with other vehicles sporting Trump flags, signs and other campaign material on a regular basis. Still, the AP would have you believe that Biden’s support is surging. One reason may be that some of the newer residents are transplants from the New York, some as recently as this year. Why they would vote for Biden who would institute a nation wide lockdown they moved away from seems suspect.

Even the Drudge Report, which has lost its luster since Matt Drudge is now consistently keeping debunked news articles at the top of his page for his obvious disdain of the President, has the AP article above at the very top of the page. He shares a picture from the article showing a small number of golf carts decked in Biden propaganda signs.

Vice President Pence made an appearance today and drew significantly higher numbers than the Biden voting caravan that took place earlier in the week.

Trump supporters across the country at various campaign events are drawing folks by the tens of thousands. Mike Pence has drawn one of his largest crowds speaking at today’s event, no doubt buoyed by his wrecking performance against Kamala Harris.. Speaking of Harris, Biden is at carefully staged locations with little to no crowds and seems to think voters don’t need an answer to a significant question about his intentions with the Supreme Court.

This feels like shades of deja-vue ala 2016. The media is telling us that Biden is almost landslide numbers ahead in polling. There is a ton of reporting about Trump’s taxes, most of which is more conjecture than actual reporting. The supposed tax returns themselves show nothing illegal and certainly nothing nefarious, other than the revelation that Trump is a businessman who uses the loopholes and tax laws, created ironically by Congress, to his advantage.

And then there is this:

The same old Maggie Haberman, the one who has gotten countless scoops wrong, including Russian collusion, wants us all to know that Trump thought about doing a stunt walking out of Walter Reed.

I’m not sure why the media has to keep making up stories in an effort to convince us that Joe Biden is going to win this. It doesn’t requires National Enquirer-esque-tabloidism if that were true. Still, it would be pretty funny if Trump ended up with 400 electoral votes on election day, and expanded the seats in the Senate as well as returned the House to GOP control. At that point, will the media do what it promised after 2016 and spend time reflecting on their actions that put Trump into the White House?

I guess we’ll see what happens.

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