Seems like the Michael Flynn case and Acting DNI Director Richard Grenell is stirring up a .. show..

This came across my feed a couple of days ago:

It was reported that Obama had a private conversation about Flynn’s case and the deterioration of  the “rule of law” this past week.  With the transcripts released from the House Intelligence committee, we discover that Sally Yates learned of the wiretap on General Flynn from Obama in an early January 2017 meeting.

Aside from the big takeaway that many of the key players admit to not having any  evidence Trump’s campaign colluding with the Russians, it seems awfully interesting that Obama’s phone call was leaked and the press lapped it all up.  These past few days has seen the media parroting a lot of democrat talking points about Barr and the decision to have Flynn’s case dropped.

Could it be that Obama may have played a role in Comey, McCabe and Stzok’s sting of General Michael Flynn?

Hope you’re keeping the popcorn stocked.


4 thoughts on “Welp

  1. That ‘leaked’ phone call was just weird. For a professor of the Constitution )or whatever the heck he was) and a lawyer, he sure doesn’t seem to know much about either.

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  2. The call got “leaked” to one of the swamps favorite stenographers Isikoff. Seems the DOJ, FBI, etc had lots of leaks to this guy.

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