You're actually serious

Amazing what can happen in two years.

Here is Senator Kristin Gillibrand (D-NY) on the allegations of Brett Kavanaugh.


In this clip, Gillibrand makes an impassioned plea that not only did Brett Kavanaugh attack Christine Blasey-Ford as alleged, but that her concern was that an investigation was not completed.  The FBI eventually interviewed all the parties and Blasey-Ford’s star witness could not corroborate that a get-together even took place, let alone the incident.

What’s important here is how strongly Gillibrand warned that the investigation could turn into a he-said-she-said affair where the man will always be believed.  That would be an injustice.

Today, Gillibrand, who fought hard in the #MeToo movement, has a different tune:

The key phrase here is “he had vehemently denied this allegation.”  In other words, it’s a he-said-she-said moment where she believed Biden.

Imagine that.

2 thoughts on “Huh.

  1. I don’t know why anyone is shocked by this. If you have a D after your name people will go to some extreme lengths to cover for you. Unless of course you get arrested for keeping underage sex slaves and used your plane for ferry a former President and English royalty to your rape island. Then guards go missing, video doesn’t work, and they find you dead.

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  2. In reality, (someplace Gillibrand is not all that familiar with) iden has not denied anything at all. He has not been asked about it, and he acts as if he has not ever heard of the accusations. But I’d love to see him wag his finger at us and say “I did not have . . . . with that woman” just for the laughs.

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