Been quite a couple of weeks.

tyrion drinking wine

The Coronavirus hasn’t quite gotten to me, but its effects have had an impact.

Doing a lot of work around the house this weekend as work travel has been cancelled. It’s been good to get back to doing something other than sleeping in hotels and walking the streets of Chicago where it was pretty cold.

This past weekend, I watched as a couple came out of the grocery store with two baskets: One was filled with just regular groceries and the other was overflowing with toilet paper and paper towels.  I watched as they loaded their little car, decorated with numerous peace symbols and Bernie stickers. I had to snicker a bit thinking how much different this might look were we actually a socialist government as planned by Bernie.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people ignore the government and instead, take the leftist news media seriously. The liberals desperate attempts to remove Trump is nothing short of a cult. And they get angry when they are challenged.  So when I asked the lovely couple why they needed to stock up so much, they claimed that Trump was going to lock everyone down like China and Italy and wanted to be sure they had enough essentials for a few months.

Where did they get this information? From their liberal leaning sources like CNN, MSNBC, and Huffington Post, of course.  They had listened and read several pundits sharing worse case scenarios, decided that they were real, and didn’t want to take any chances.  When I asked what credentials these pundit had, they didn’t know, but for sure “TRUMP IS A LIAR AND WE CAN’T TRUST HIM!!!” was uttered back to end the conversation. They seemed annoyed at my questioning their practices in the face of rational government information.

In other words, the liberals will never trust Trump despite the fact that he is doing everything the left said he needed to do – using experts who know the science and take actions where appropriate. Instead, the media has made numerous posts that were factually wrong in order to paint the administration in a bad light. I would surmise that a majority of the panic hoarders are precisely those leftists who hate Trump and want to deprive rational folks of needed goods.

With that all being said, I hope you all are weathering the current crisis safely and with vigor. I personally haven’t changed that much other than I’m doing more home projects.  I still work remotely, but it’s more back to normal before the Chicago gig had me travel. It’s been nice to create a more stable routine.  And since most everyone are practicing self-quarantine, there are no other social obligations to get in the way of my doing things around the house.


4 thoughts on “Been quite a couple of weeks.

  1. I am pretty well-stocked on scotch, and have a bunch of stuff I keep on hand just for friends if the scotch runs out. Some decent rum, some bourbon (although to me bourbon mostly tastes like aftershave smells — sorry), a good gin, a little vodka, you know. Oh, and adequate, probably, beer unless they shut the liquor stores for more than two months.

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  2. Seems we all have our priorities in order. For me it was dog food first, followed by long shelf-life items, then a supply of general groceries. Like you I have a decent stash of firewater and wine so I’m good for several weeks.

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