No Pocahontas, I’m not a sexist


You just had too many flaws.

I hear it from my leftist friends of both sexes: “You are afraid of Elizabeth Warren because she is a woman.”  My response is usually the same:  “Aren’t you the ones who hated Sarah Palin? You all bitched at Elise Stefanik during the impeachment hearings. None of you have respect for Betsy DeVos.  And none of you would vote for Nikki Haley.  Doesn’t that make you sexist?”

I wouldn’t vote for Kamala Harris or Amy Kobluchar either.  Tulsi Gabbard is an emphatic no.  Unsurprisingly, I wouldn’t vote for any male democrat candidate either. In short, if you’re a democrat, I wouldn’t vote for you unless the conservative candidate is a complete piece of trash.

Warren has officially dropped out of the race and now the waiting game is on to see who she endorses.  She believes she is the only candidate who could easily beat Trump. She had plans to fix everyone’s ills. Yet, not enough democrats could look past their overtly sexist noses to pull the lever for her in the primaries. Even some of her female supporters had to explain why they changed their minds at the last minute.

If her supporters could not see her vagina as the “thing that gets her over the top”, why should I?  Fortunately, she had enough flaws that I didn’t have to consider her lady parts at all.  And to be fair, I don’t ever consider genitalia.. wait.. I meant chromosomes..  as a reason to vote for or against a candidate. You either have good and proven ideas, or you don’t get my vote.


4 thoughts on “No Pocahontas, I’m not a sexist

  1. She has the political equivalent of Dunning-Kruger Effect. She thinks she’s a way better politician than she really is. That afflicts many elected officials who have never really had a tough race (See Harris, Kamala for another prime example). If she hadn’t been wildly boosted by the MSM she’d be just another female Senator. She may be smarter than Patty Murray (not a high bar) and not as crazy as Mazie Hirono (another low bar) but she’s hardly all that and a bag of chips.

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  2. It’s not that she lied about her ethnicity and used it to get ahead for years, not that she lied about her kids schooling, not that she lied about why she left her teaching job, not that her ideas were total garbage, no, it the only reason people didn’t vote for her is because she has a vagina. I wonder if the media really believes people are stupid enough to buy their bullshit or they just don’t care?

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  3. I’m wondering why she is-was a player on the national scene at all.

    Secondly, I saw where others were praising her for “having a plan for everything”. That alone scared me that anyone could use that as a reason to vote for her. The intellectual depth of “she has a plan” shows you how far we have regressed as a society.

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