The Socialists are coming!


Feeling the Bern?

Bernie Sanders has now won the votes of the three Democrat primaries, a first in democrat primary history.  Establishment members of the party are now in a wildly desperate panic because they believe Americans aren’t quite ready for a socialist. And they would be correct, but because of the incompetence of Democrat leadership to focus on “Resisting Trump at all costs” helped bring them to this point.

I can’t say that I’m surprised this is happening.  The Democrat Socialists of America have been moving forward with their plans since 2017 to use the DNC to push their candidates and agenda  And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a member of DSA.  With the establishment focused on removing Trump and ignoring their constituents, the DSA’s message of a broken system continues to resonate among the youth and disenfranchised liberals.

This past week, AOC released a list of progressive candidates she is endorsing in this election year.  Some in the list are meant to primary moderate democrats.  One is candidate will primary Nancy Pelosi in her district running on the socialist narrative of “free everything”.  Pelosi has long ignored her city and the constituents are ripe for the picking, like so many others from democrat run cities.

The hardest hit have been the NeverTrumpers who were hoping for a Biden nomination.  They have spent considerable energy and time selling the Democrat option to moderate Republicans only to watch in horror as they not only have been rejected by the left, but that a Soviet-era socialist is about to win the nomination.  Now, they hold the unenviable task of trying to help Democrats defeat Sanders.  The grift has been exposed.  How do we know?  Some of those same NeverTrumpers are now trying to sell Bernie as an impotent President.

One thing I see coming:  An uptick in violence within the Democrats.  Violence always seems to follow the socialists.

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