The Liberal Woke Society


Saw some interesting tweets today that have peaked my interest and have some thoughts.

Project Veritas recently released video showing Bernie Sanders campaign operatives have ideas on what to do to Republicans if Sanders wins.  The expose’ showed that Bernie Bros and Hoes want to indoctrinate those on the right, and if not, eliminate them. In response, those individuals locked down their social media accounts to scrub anything they may have posted that support those positions.

In the era of “Trump must be removed at all costs”, the media have refused to give any airtime to these disturbing, if not dangerous, revelations.  So far, the media has given the kid glove treatment towards Antifa, and readily dismiss all the evidence of leftist violence and oppression towards conservatives at universities.  They will saturate the digital airwaves with outrage if there is an inkling a Trump supporter perpetrated a hate crime.

So what happens to conservatives, Republicans, or anyone in opposition if Sanders, or the other leftists, get elected?  Elizabeth Warren said in a speech in Iowa that if she won, the Secretary of Education would be vetted by a young transgender student.  I don’t know that Sanders would do the same, but you can bet that he would at least appoint someone to Education department that had very progressive views – maybe a drag queen story time reader?

It’s a very serious question on just what kind of people Sanders or other candidates would pick for cabinet positions.  These same individuals would be responsible for writing the rules and enforcing legislation passed by an assumed friendly Congress. It also raises questions on the extent of “rights” people would have under this liberal regime.

So let’s look at what’s happening overseas.  In Britain, hair professionals may need to undergo extensive training to learn about the other fifty-plus gender types and their hair preferences before a license is issued – all because of a belief that a customer has the ability to not align to a particular sex in their minds. It’s like they believe science doesn’t apply to them. 

Certainly, the market recognizes that natural human society has only two sexes.  Just because someone chooses to believe psychologically they don’t fit into one those boxes doesn’t negate the biological distinctions of nature.  Biology doesn’t care about your feelings. The rules of our society over millennia have been built on this scientific foundation. Liberals want to change that and have committed to using violence as necessary to reach their objectives.

Right now, liberals perceive Trump supporters as racist, xenophobic, and have little regard for their well-being. If you apply liberal social justice philosophy into the mix, it’s conceivable that liberal bureaucrats could write rules that test ones political beliefs before allowing access to  “government created human rights.” Britain’s examples above  share tantalizing nuggets for liberals wanting power – how to punish those who don’t agree with your ideas in the name of social justice and equality.

So it wouldn’t be hard to see the larger endgame:  Liberals only see themselves as heroes for social justice.  The national system they plan to create will be of their own power and ideas.  They will apply the same logic used to tell white people in a commons area they aren’t welcome to deny those with differing political views of benefits of their new order.

Imagine receiving treatment for cancer. After arriving for the appointment, an administrator informs you that your treatments are suspended because you shared a social media post considered offensive by those reviewing your case.  The only way to rectify the situation is to attend a two week “sensitivity training class” in three weeks after removing the offensive post. The logic is simple: The health care system cannot be used to help those with views that violate vague and evolving social justice norms.

This is what is in store if the left takes over.  The Democrats pandering to LGBTQ groups will most certainly have influence in the expansion of government programs and what rules will be in place.  Whatever is considered “offensive” will be considered as part of distributing benefits to you, the citizen.  So not only will you die because you believe in different politics, but your hair will be a mess. So much for dignity.

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