The Vileness of the Left

Just stop

They really do not care about human life.

Saw this on twitter:

In the video, a young pregnant goth woman decides to make a parody of a “gender reveal” party.  At the end, she pulls a piece of paper out of an envelope and shows the camera the word “Borted”, meaning she killed her baby.

Many couples celebrate an impending birth with this kind of event.  Yet, this young woman and her friend make a mockery of it.  This girl and her friends are the epitome of the liberal mindset: The consequences of their actions are foisted on the innocent and results in the degradation and murder of innocent human life.

When Pete Buttigeig, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders tell pro-life democrats they are not welcome in the Democrat party, it demonstrates quite clearly who they really celebrate. They promote abortion as the false labels “Reproductive Rights” and “Women’s Health”.  Abortion is neither of these, and this young woman makes no reference to this in her disgusting video.  What she is doing is killing an unborn child to make fun of those who actually celebrate life.  It’s sick.

But what does it say when the Democrat party has room for billionaires they claim they hate, and not for people who place higher moral stance on innocent human life?  It used to be that Democrats cared about keeping abortions rare, but they are now on video saying otherwise.  They are building an irrefutable record of supporting the death of innocents while hiding their vile truth.

And let’s not forget these candidates at one time or another have repeatedly stated that Trump supporters and the GOP have become irredeemable. It won’t be long before they start to believe that those who oppose them politically should be rounded up, placed into concentration camps, and.. wait..

It seems to me that when a group of people start to believe their ideology is superior to everyone else, they must eliminate their opposition.  Wonder if there is a parallel in history of other vile people like this?


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