The Iowa Caucuses is just a continuation of Democrat woes.

It’s possible the Russians may have as much to do with it just like John Podesta did in 2016.  I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point Trump was blamed for asking the Russians to help.  Still, the rules for selecting delegates is extremely complex in a field this large. I wouldn’t be surprised if the testing of the app did not cover a large number of use cases.

Candidates spent months in the Hawkeye state expending millions of tons of CO2 looking for every single democrat vote.  Despite their efforts to show that the Democrats in Iowa were energized and ready, they have unexplainable delays and a somber, “on pace for 2016” turnout (Trump won the state in 2016).

Throughout the process where Democrats have been saying they are the real alternative to Donald Trump, they have precious little to show for it.  It’s the first caucus of the primaries and it is shockingly ANOTHER major PR disaster. It’s bad enough that the Democrats couldn’t convince enough moderate Republicans to get new witnesses in the Senate.  Now they can’t even manage a simple caucus.  Meanwhile, Trump won his caucus handily and swiftly.

If the effort is to beat Trump, all Trump has to do is point out the many failure and then ask, “You sure you want these people to handle your healthcare?”



Seems like the Democrats are in a world of hurt.

2 thoughts on “Heh.

  1. No one knows who owns the app? That seems unbelievable. You’re going into a one-time critical use of the software and you don’t know who to call if there is a glitch??

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