Impending Impeachment Failure


Yes, by all means should the Democrats pursue every trick they can to make this circus last as long as a possible.

The Democrats real aim since Trump was elected President is to have him removed from office, one way or another. When they took the House in 2018 – on a platform of healthcare, education, and dinner table issues – they had made the case that impeachment wasn’t necessary.

Nancy Pelosi was emphatic in early 2019 that impeachment was not to happen because it was divisive.  If she were to go that path, it must be “bi-partisan, factual, and overwhelming.”

This was her position while the Mueller investigation was still on-going. Democrats had hoped the special prosecutor would essentially do their dirty work for them; delivering a set of crimes that supports impeachment and removal of Trump from office.

When Mueller found nothing and his report vindicated Trump, democrats took liberties with the report’s conclusions. However, public sentiment turned against them.  Impeachment would have to wait.

Then came the Ukraine call via an “anonymous” whistle blower that went to Schiff first before the IG received and published the complaint. Ironically, the whistle blower was never revealed, but after a few weeks of closed door testimony from some “not-in-the-room, never met the president, wasn’t-on-the-call” folks, Schiff managed to convince Pelosi that an impeachment inquiry was necessary.

As a side note: I believe Schiff has been trying to position himself for power in the future.  During the Mueller investigation, Schiff was a nearly constant guest on the liberal cable outlets.  His office was the source of countless leaks, many of which turned out to be false.  This was especially true of the FBI’s IG report released late last year confirming the Devin Nunes report, and not Adam Schiff’s, to be correct on FISA abuses.  If the Mueller probe had found crimes committed by Trump, Schiff would have been seen as the guy who helped bring down Trump.  This would make his path to the Speaker chair much easier when Pelosi stepped down.

Unfortunately for Schiff, things didn’t go as planned.  The Ukraine phone call was a way to salvage his credibility.  To move the public towards impeachment, he had to stack the deck in Democrats favor.  He, along with Jerry Nadler, wrote the resolution for the hearings that would follow.  Republicans would be neutered as much as possible. It was his show to convince the public that impeachment was both necessary and imperative.

The real effect: Schiff’s bumbling of the investigation and subsequent Judiciary hearings have made Democrats look worse in the eyes of independents and a growing segment of conservative democrats.  Now that they have impeached Trump, Schiff is leading the charge in presenting the Democrats case.  Notice I said “Democrats” and not the full House: Of Pelosi’s standards for impeachment, not a single one was met, including the all important “bi-partisan” talking point.

Democrats were hoping that all they needed was to have something quietly brooding Senate Republicans could grab onto. Democrat Senator Richard “Oops sorry, I didn’t serve in Vietnam” Blumenthal has told the press for some time that numerous Republicans hate Trump and would join any attempt to finally remove him once the option was presented.  He refuses to name them, but the rumor in Washington has been perpetuated by a host of Never Trumpers.

Of course, this all seems rather perplexing. given that Jerry Nadler claimed the case against Trump was rock solid before the impeachment vote in the House.  It would take a jury all of three minutes to convict Trump with the evidence compiled, he said, despite not having any witnesses directly involved with the call, nor any who knew and worked with the President directly, nor from any of his closest advisors who would have been privy to the actual conversations.

That’s not to say that Bolton, Mulvaney or other witnesses the Democrats wanted to interrogate had any substantive testimony that would swing the pendulum towards impeachment among the Senate Republicans – or the public for that matter. But Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi, with the help of “impartial” Senate democrats, want to bring witnesses and subpoena documents into the trial. For Nancy, this is important because she is already committed to removing Trump. After all, she says the next election will be tainted if he is not removed.

This raises many important questions:  If the Schiff/Nadler evidence would convince any jury within 3 minutes to convict Trump, why is there a need to add more witnesses and documents?  Shouldn’t the current witnesses and evidence do the trick? If the quid pro quo that was supposed to be the cornerstone to Trump’s “crimes”, how come it never came to pass?  How is it “Obstructing Congress”  when the President asserts executive privilege and the Democrats refused to challenge in court? And how is asking a foreign government to investigate corruption, even for a former American official, be considered “asking for election interference”?  What happens if Biden doesn’t win the nomination?  Isn’t it the President’s job to ensure the US isn’t rewarding corruption in foreign governments with US aid?

The bottom line is that voters have lost most of their appetite for impeachment.  They’ve asked these and other questions to Democrats for doing something they claimed wouldn’t happen as part of their campaigns.  Democrats in red districts have been facing an angry constituency. And now, it’s possible that the national legislature may be tied up for several weeks if the Democrats decide to create a circus within the Senate chamber in an all out effort to back the sham Democrats investigation.

And in a trial, Republicans and Trump’s team of highly skilled attorneys will be able to take on Schiff and Nadler directly.  As in any trial, the case is only as good as the facts and the prosecutors who present them. I’m almost certain the outcome will not be at all what Democrats had hoped.

But yes, Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi and company – please present your case and drag it out for weeks and months on such an airtight case that would convince a jury in 3 minutes to convict and remove!  I’ll be ordering more popcorn.

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