1 thought on “Fun Fact of the Day

  1. I heard, many years ago, that in normal everyday
    living circumstances, you are typically less than one
    meter from the nearest spider.

    Personal anecdote:
    My air-conditioner tripped out in the summer, a few years
    ago, and a technician guided me to taking off the top of
    the external heat-exchanger, and resetting the overload
    switch. (And putting the cover back on!)
    The number of spiders in that enclosed space was
    very, very impressive. The technician and I joked about
    them for a moment, and the technician said I could clear
    them out if I wished.
    I declined, saying that the spiders were dealing with all
    sorts of pests that I didn’t want inside my dwelling.
    — arachnophobia


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