2 thoughts on “Fun Fact of the Day

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  2. That’s a pretty weird ‘fact’. Julius was never an Emperor of Rome, when he was killed in 44 BC Rome was still a Republic in name at least. He did pretty much control the Roman government from 49 BC, when he “crossed the Rubicon” and started a civil war, until 44 BC when he was assassinated.
    He did indeed invent the Julian calendar and set January 1 as the beginning of the year for Rome and the provinces under its rule, but most human societies had previously celebrated the “new year” at times such as just after the winter solstice or at the spring equinox.
    And I’m not sure where the 4000 years of celebrating the New Year came from. We’ve been celebrating the New Year on Jan 1 in Roman descended societies for just over 2000 years.

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