Deja Vu all over again.


Joe Biden on healthcare.

After the Democrats passed Obamacare, we were all told how much better the plans would be than what we had before.  Folks were promised that they could keep their doctors, our healthcare costs would go down, and we would even receive refunds on premiums.

Joe, though, wants to fix it.  Here’s what he offers.

Ultimately, our health care system will only succeed if it reflects our shared values. That’s why my plan starts by giving Americans a choice to either stick with their private plan or get covered by a Medicare-like public option – because you know better than anyone what works for your family.

That choice keeps insurers honest – if they raise your premiums, you’ll have another option that isn’t trying to make a profit. For the first time, insurers will have to compete for your business; they’ll have to innovate and offer more to stay viable, and that’s going to be good for all of us. And this approach doesn’t force a change on folks who are happy with their insurance – or who have given up other benefits in labor negotiations for better coverage.

Joe’s memory is really fading fast.  Under the Obamacare plan, the exchanges allowed individuals to sign up for either a healthcare plan from a private insurer, or if they qualified, would be covered under Medicare.  In other words, he’s just re-gifting Obama’s garbage plan back to voters.

Government’s experiment in health insurance, and for that matter healthcare, needs to come to an end.

While his program is certainly more attractive than what the other candidates are offering, I myself would love to see the government out of it completely.  At least he and I agree that I know what my needs are better than he does. I just don’t need the government to be one of those options.

2 thoughts on “Deja Vu all over again.

  1. If Joe Biden wins the nomination, I await with excitement the debate when someone asks a healthcare question, and Trump says “Joe, you had your chance and it didn’t work out very well. And that, as you well know, is a (whispered) big fucking deal.”

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