You're actually serious

Social Justice activism is pricey.

From the Washington Examiner:

In their findings, the authors of the report detail how many university professors and administrators have infused social justice theory and ideals into their educational curriculum, which has led to the transformation of universities into training camps for progressive activism.

In conducting the analysis, lead study author David Randall noted that he identified the cost of two social justice courses at a public university in Arizona to be roughly $4,000, a conservative estimate, and applied it to the 2.2 million students nationwide who immediately enroll in college following high school graduation. These calculations produce an estimated cost of roughly $10 billion dollars just for social justice courses, a figure that is likely an underestimate, as private universities tend to charge much higher tuition prices than public universities.

In other words, trying to indoctrinate students is tantamount to a financial racket in the billions of dollars, forcing students to pay exorbitant costs to become woke.

The article does suggest that there are ways to force campuses to stop the practice by making the course exempt from federal aid. My suggestion would be to fire all the diversity and woke deans, cancel all the <insert minority group> studies, and mandate professors and instructors “keep their woke feels” out of the classrooms.

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