Four more years.

TDS Scream

Oh this is going to be glorious.

As if there was ever any doubt, Nancy Pelosi just set her party on fire.

Just so we’re clear, this is about a phone call to a foreign head of state.  All the president did was mention the name “Biden” and utter “do us a favor”.  The liberals see this as asking a foreign power dig up dirt on Biden to help Trump in his election.  Such an act would therefore count as an abuse of power and a threat to national security.

In order to accept Pelosi’s argument, you have to derive explicit intent.  The transcript not only shows there is no evidence of any such intent, but that Schiff and Nadler will do anything to push impeachment.  Schiff subpoenaed phone records for members of the press, the president’s personal lawyer, and the ranking member.  This is almost unheard of; a chairman taking such egregious unilateral actions to push a false narrative. This is what Jonathan Turley warned against: Congressional abuse of power.

The leftist media has been silent on this abuse of power. After spending the last three years doing everything to take down this President, it’s no wonder they have no issue with the government abusing its power over one of it’s own.  But because so many in the media have egos bigger than Trump, the reporter in question is not considered serious because he doesn’t toe their line, so who cares if a constitutional right is stomped on for that guy!  Remember that the next time a journalist decides to lecture about slippery slopes.

For the first time ever, I will be donating directly to a presidential campaign.  Here’s to four more years of Trump.

3 thoughts on “Four more years.

      • Impeachment is not a criminal or civil law proceeding, The House can set what ever rules it wants. The writers of the constitution debated whether or not the President could be impeached and for what offenses. They settle on Treason, Bribery, High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Treason is defined in the constitution, bribery is pretty straight forward, I am sure aimed at the President not taking bribes, not on him not giving bribes via normal foreign policy. High crimes, means serious crimes, not low level ones like jaywalking, public intoxication, disturbing the peace, etc. Misdemeanors is used for other failures of the Presidents duties while in office. At the time this would include being unable to perform his duties, as well as actions that brought discredit on the US or Office of the President. In practice the majority of the House can impeach for anything they want, although the founders wanted it to be a for serious breaches. In my opinion, nothing Trump has done rises even close to the level to justify impeachment. As for abuses of fair practice by the House, that can be address in the next general elections as well as by the Senate and Chief Justice should it get so far.

        Good link for short description of high crimes and misdemeanors

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