A few thoughts..

Dumpster Fire

The impeachment hearings circus continues to self-immolate.

It would seem that if the democrats wanted to impress the voters that the three hand-picked witnesses before the House Judiciary Committee were completely objective constitutional scholars, it failed.  This was a pivotal moment:

While the quip was clever, it spurred quite the outrage that Professor Karlan would use the President’s son to her analogy.

This brought the ire of First Lady Melania Trump:

Somehow, Professor Karlan got wind of the blow-back and issued an apology during the proceedings.

In other words, she let her bias into the proceeding and tried to cover for it. It failed magnificently the moment she tried moral relativism in her apology.

In fact, all the other democrat witnesses based their scholarly opinions on impeachment on Trump’s character and demeanor.  In the past, these same “experts” had different views on impeachment.  Of course, this was all before Trump’s inauguration.

What they want you to believe is that Trump is the perfect storm to invoke impeachment simply because they don’t like him.  Karlan’s remarks after her apology demonstrates the depth of the TDS infection.  While Turley is no fan of Trump – he even stated his disdain for the president in his opening remarks – he understands the bigger picture and doesn’t allow his political views to sully his objectivity.

In short, what Trump has done is remarkable: He has become exceedingly efficient at breaking the left and their minions. Imagine having to exert weeks and weeks of intellectual gymnastics to craft a rationale that goes against years of your own expertise just to get the one person who is named Trump, and happens to be the President of the United States.  He’s done it to all of them and history proves it.

Four more years, Mr. President. It will be glorious.

7 thoughts on “A few thoughts..

  1. I believe that I wouldn’t enjoy sitting down and having a beer with Donald Trump – I think he is an obnoxious ass. I also think he runs his mouth a bit too much sometimes. But I really hope he gets re-elected just for what it does to the Liberals – it tears them apart.

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    • More like a runaway train that is about hit an uphill grade with no track and tunnel through a mountain that hasn’t been dug yet.
      Impeachment is only the House sending him off to stand trial in the Senate. The moment that happens all control leaves the hands of these clowns who have been running this incompetent circus and transfers to the hands of the opposite party, which can now haul each of these idiots, and the IC idiots, and the former Sec State and all their documentation out into the daylight for nice long inspection.

      Bring it.

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  2. The polices and results coming from this administration both defy the odds and buoy the spirit. Much too much is made of Trump’s abrasiveness – that is all attributable to his personality type and there are many more in the world like him. None of his labelled abrasiveness is sociopathic but is effective, as is his muscular response to the forces of tyranny. I too wish he were more able to eject the leftists around him and clean the administration’s roster of holdovers, but his efforts for the country and her citizenry are exemplary and patriotic.

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    • Much of what raises people’s ire is positioning for negotiating. They just SUCK at negotiating, because for decades the DC process for negotiating was “what does the person most hostile to the US want? Give them 75% of that.”


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