She’s out!

Today was not a good day

Kamala Harris suspends her campaign.

Over the last several weeks, she has said a few things that reeked of desperation.  One of those moments had to do with the idea that America was not ready for a “woman of color to be president.”

I hate to break it to her, but using her logic only makes the Democrats look bad. It wasn’t America she had to convince that she was to be the first woman of color president; it was the constituents in her own party.

In reality, it had nothing to do with her color and more about her “truth” – she had no real message that people could believe in.  In fact, she really had no brand that helped her stand out.  Indeed, she ran a campaign filled with buzzwords that failed to coalesce her party around her. While she might believe that immutable traits should give her an edge, it didn’t work for her.

Instead, she won’t have to worry about missing any primaries and can focus on impeaching Trump – and more opportunities to embarrass herself.

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