Fauxcahontas is at it again.

Elizabeth Warren has never run a factory, much less a business.  While she might have been a Native American lawyer at one point, before becoming a Native American professor at Harvard, she literally has no clue when it comes to economics.

She’s not the only one who lacks basic economics.  With the exception of Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg, the top 5 candidates have little real world experience when it comes running, much less growing a profitable business.

However, they do know how to amass wealth. They use their positions of power to leverage speaking fees, book deals, insider trading information from legislation they sponsor or influence, and other means where they are shielded from scrutiny simply for being elected representatives.  Each candidate is invariably part of the 1% they regularly vilify in their quest for votes, or more succinctly, power.

I was watching Cavuto Live this morning and Charles Payne was hosting a small panel discussing “freebies” as pushed by extreme leftist (socialist) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The argument AOC likes to use is that cost doesn’t matter.  A poll showed that over the last six months, support for social programs like Medicare for All has flipped, from supporting to opposed.  The reason? The cost.

Fauxcahontas’ plan is estimated to be over of $50 trillion dollars in additional government spending in 10 years – and that’s just the one program. She, of course, says it will all be paid for by taxing billionaires of their wealth above $50 million.  The promise to voters is that by giving complete control of medical care over to the government, you will receive the same high quality medical care that billionaires get – and they will pay for it.

Of course, this is simply false.  Warren lacks the know-how to create an economy that could support such high taxation, much less construct a government run program that will deliver on her promises.  Like all leftists, she plays on voters sense of morality while ignoring questions on specifics in her proposals that raise eyebrows.  That strategy will not play well in a general election, especially against Trump.  While the media will do their best to defend her, ultimately,  there will be the hard questions she is ill-equipped to handle.

The bottom line is that while Warren’s utterances are patently false as shown in the video, she is also wrong on so many other things.  Should have been easy to spot when she has avoided the simple things like the reason she thought she was a Native American and spent years avoiding answering her deception.

Fortunately, she is dropping in the polls thanks to her mouth. It won’t be much longer before she starts complaining loudly how being a woman is a liability.


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  1. Who, with any sort of neurological activity whatsoever, thinks that a good way to “pay it forward so everyone has a chance at success” would be accomplished by giving vast sums of money to the crooks, clowns and nitwits that inhabit DC?

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