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You're actually serious

Now there are experts.

Reliable Sources host and Michael Avenatti supporter Brian Stelter interviewed an expert on cults.  The expert, democrat supporter and avowed leftist progressive Steve Hassan, shared his thoughts on Trump supporters.  He concludes that Trump supporters are in a destructive cult.

If you listen to Mr. Hassan explain the cult, just substitute “democrats” for  Trump supporters and you can see how much closer Hassan is to defining the left as being the real destructive cult.

“Ethical cult where you are free to think and free to leave….being fed propaganda and not being encouraged to think for themselves”

If you are a minority or a protected class person who supports Trump, you will see democrats turn on you using every pejorative and slur imaginable for not falling in line.  One is not allowed to think independently of progressive group think, which, ironically, is intolerance and a known characteristic of cultists.  You cannot be an independent free thinker – unless you think like them.

“Much of what they are hearing is emotionally driven, loaded words, thought stopping and thought terminating type cliches.. “

You mean like Nazi, racist, authoritarian, and democracy dies in darkness?  Democrats are all about using emotionally driven statements and loaded words in the absence of facts, silencing those who disagree.

By his rules, sounds like a cult to me.

At the end of the clip, Mr. Hassan believes that Trump is using mind control to keep his followers in line. And it all starts with the pathological lying CNN has been reporting on since Trump rode his escalator to announce his bid to become President.

If Mr. Hassan’s definition of a destructive cult contains the characteristics of propaganda, spreading false narratives it’s obvious he’s just projecting. Or he is part of his own cult and is too brainwashed to see it.

Meanwhile, I’m not tired of winning.

1 thought on “TDS – the Cult files

  1. Hassan will tell you all about leftist cults too, there are cults on both sides of the political divide. His information on how to avoid being manipulated, by right wing OR left wing politicians, or multi-level marketing, or religious cults etc. etc. is invaluable.
    + Nowhere does he say that ALL Trump supporters are part of a cult.


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