So this happened..


Gotta love young people.

Today, I was visited by a very nice young gentleman who was looking to recruit volunteers for Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.

About 30 seconds into his memorized speech, I cut him off and asked him what sold him on the idea that Bernie Sanders would make a great president. He stammered for a moment and wondered why as a democrat, I would ask him such a question.

It is obvious he believed that a democrat occupied my house.  I am quite certain that no democrats are in my house as I regularly fumigate the residence for such pests.

I asked him who he was looking for. The name he shared was obviously not me.  Somehow, my address is associated with an individual who probably lived here before.

So I asked him again why he thought Sanders was his choice for president.  He told me the basics:  Sanders wants to take care of people by giving them healthcare, a living wage.. yada yada yada.  I responded: “So he just wants to offer socialism.”

He corrected me: “Democratic Socialism.”

Uh huh.  I deadpanned, “Have you ever visited or lived in any country governed by any kind of socialism?  Because I have.”

At that point, the young man realized I was not some victimized constituent trying to get by, but an informed individual.

Sighing, he said, “I guess you’re not interested in helping Bernie’s campaign.  Sorry to disturb you.”

I wished him luck on his efforts.  He uttered, “You have no idea how difficult this has been.”

Apparently, Bernie isn’t doing very well in my local neighborhood.  Hard to believe people just aren’t excited for a lot of free stuff.

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