PD has moved to Wisconsin.


His condition remains in remission.

According to his twitter profile, Bill Schmalfeldt is now working the microphone impersonating Santa Claus at a radio station in Ashland, Wisconsin.


He’s even interviewed Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-Wi), or so he says.

Those following this saga know of his frequent use of what he calls “parody”, making up interviews just like his buddy, Adam Schiff.  I haven’t clicked the link to see if this is true only because it doesn’t appear on any news feeds of radio stations within the area. Never click a link from Schmalfeldt unless you are wearing protection.

What is important is that he is still capable of moving around and his condition remains in remission.  For those who haven’t been following: Schmalfeldt has stated he’s been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease since 2000. He’s claimed the disease has left him practically invalid on more than one occasion since 2011, only to recover when his campaigns of harassment against honorable and patriotic Americans via the US District Court system failed.  He’s tangled with me a time or two, only to see him slink away in writhing defeat.

It’s good to see he can find a job in the Trump economy.

14 thoughts on “PD has moved to Wisconsin.

    • I would bet he doesn’t list the 6 or 7 most recent jobs he got fired from. Probably tells each new station he is “just coming out of retirement”.

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  1. It gets almost as cold in Superior Wisconsin as it does in Montana.

    Bill, here’s a new term for you: “Lake effect snow.” I know folks in Milwaukee and Chicago who think that means it snows if you’re within a couple blocks of the lake. You’re downwind now…

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