You're actually serious

It would seem that what happens in Washington doesn’t translate outside the beltway.

President Trump is attending the LSU – Alabama game and the liberal media is all about questioning folks attending the game whether they are paying attention.

The first question was whether the President was being treated fairly. The second question was their impression of the impeachment proceedings in Washington. None of those who answered expressed any real anger, animosity, or rapid retreat to the fetal position – something you might expect from a tree-hugging, pedophile supporting liberal having the man you hate the most appear in town.

I also noticed the reporter drawing attention to the University of Alabama student government statement admonishing potential disruptions from troublemakers.  There was push-back by the leftists that the student government was trying to inhibit free speech.

Liberals are relentlessly sucking all the irony from the planet.  If a conservative speaker goes to campus, liberals insist on disrupting and provoking physical confrontations in an effort to stifle.. free speech.  They have no qualms in silencing opposing views.  Odd that they would be offended by those who see such people as they truly are.

Even so, CNN is probably reeling that politics in the Washington beltway is not viewed with the kind of enthusiasm away from it.  I’m sure this caused some more heads to explode.



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