You're actually serious

Not quite the Rule 5 post you might expect.

A certain member of Congress has something to say about Trump’s Ukraine phone call and the whistleblower complaint.

Since that time, new revelations have impeached the validity of the whistleblower.

Speaking of revelations, Representative Hill also likes to brush the hair of her female staffers…while nude:

Turns out, Representative Hill is in a polyamorous relationship that has all the hallmarks of salacious personal corruption.  Certainly, its worthy of a Harlequin Romance novel, or perhaps a National Lampoon project.

This story is not gaining a lot of traction in the media because “Impeachment! Impeachment! Impeachment!”  The alleged improper relationship between a sitting congresswoman and her staffers should warrant some kind of rebuke from the moral betters of her caucus.  Former Arizona Representative Trent Franks was forced to resign after asking a female staffer if she would be a surrogate mother for him and his wife.

Sadly, the media doesn’t seem to care about the morals of female democrats anyway.  Arizona Senator Krysten Simena, the first bi-sexual woman elected to the US Senate, has raised eyebrows a time or two in her own special way.

Krysten Sinema

Liberal defenders called Sinema’s attire “empowering.”  Wonder how they would describe Congresscritter Hill’s photograph?

I should note, I’m not complaining about Sinema’s attire or lack thereof.  Rule 5 posts are a daily feature on this website.

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