Uh huh.

Judge Judy Oh Brother

Raising money from those you call corrupt to keep it.. grass roots.. yeaaaaahhh..

During the 2016 campaign, President Trump ran using his own money and he won. He wasn’t concerned with donors, tax returns, etc.  He was much more focused on the message rather than the spending it would take to win.

Today, Elizabeth Warren said she will only accept contributions up to $200 from banks, tech giants, hedge fund executives to show she is running a “grass roots” campaign.

Let me see if I understand this: She’s going to be taking money from those same evil corporate executives, she just wants a smaller amount of their money, because she doesn’t want to have the appearance of being influenced.. by their money.

In other words, she has friends in liberal corporate America, she just doesn’t want their big money donations. I’m guessing she’s wanting them to save it for later after she’s elected so she can fund her ambitious anti-corruption wealth tax.


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