tom hanks hmmm

Wonder why?

From the article:

Democrats are going to great lengths to hide the whistleblower’s identity out of fear the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee could leak their identity, according to The Washington Post, which cited three people familiar with the discussions. 

Democrats are considering holding testimony outside the Capitol as well as a staff-only session that would bar lawmakers from questioning the whistleblower, according to the Post.

There is a whistleblower and no one knows who he/she is?  Of course they do!  That’s the surprise and it’s becoming quite apparent that the reasons the democrats are going so far out on a limb is because they don’t want anyone else to know this was a totally fabricated story.

If it was a true danger to democracy, we’d all know who it is by now.

3 thoughts on “Huh.

  1. Technically the current procedure is not a trial, but even some investigation prior to trials require due process. At any rate, the average American knows what they think the procedure is/should be, so Trump should keep banging this drum as loudly as possible.

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