McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

This seems all too familiar.

With questions surrounding the whistle-blower complaint against the President, the person supposedly submitting the complaint is now in fear for their lives.


Can’t say that I’m surprised by this because this is the exact same playbook used in the past, in particular, Brett Kavanaugh.  The idea here is to arouse as much fear about the potential witness so as to sway opinion on moderates to keep, in this case, the impeachment effort going forward.  Show that the witness is in mortal danger and use it as leverage to silence any criticism.

It’s already bad enough that Nancy Pelosi changed the rules to block out Republican participation for the impending impeachment articles. It’s even worse that whistle-blower rules were changed where the first one submitted just so happened to be against Trump.

I’m not much into conspiracy theories but it’s clear that the democrats are intent on getting rid of Trump by any means necessary.  If the majority party in the legislature decides they don’t like the President, for whatever reason, then it’s perfectly OK to subvert the will of the voters and remove the duly elected Chief Executive.  These are now the rules.

As Mitch McConnell said in 2013 regarding Harry Reid’s removal of the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees, the democrats may come to regret their decision sooner than they think.

In the meantime, this show is going to be intense. I’ve ordered extra butter to go with the palette of popcorn.

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