The abuse of Greta Thunberg

Just stop

Liberals don’t mind hurting kids when it suits their needs.

Finally had a chance to watch this torture.

Greta’s deranged response to a simple question is quite clearly the intended product of parents who care little about their child’s mental state. Having been diagnosed with severe mental disabilities, she is nonetheless showcased before the media in carefully choreographed emotional performances designed to counter anyone who dares to question the left’s doomsday outlook.

The left has been been rushing to her defense, declaring any opposition as “old white man” fear.  I’m not sure that opposition is limited to just old white men; I am neither old nor do I fear her or her ilk.  What I feel is very different.

I feel shame, disgust and outrage for the parents, her caregivers and more importantly, the government officials who represent her in her country.  Not a single person in her tightly controlled group is an advocate for her fragile mental state.  She has become nothing but a prop who risks permanent mental instability, all because of a lie.

This is what the left does and they do it with pride.  They create child victims, parade them around in front of the media, and dare others to challenge them. Who would dare question the emotional feelings of a child who is clearly afraid for her future?

More and more Greta’s are being groomed for liberal causes each day (unless they are meant for other Jeffrey Epstein or Hollywood mogul types.)  The danger this poses to impressionable young children in brainwashing them to a reality that will never happen is inexcusable, and only reinforces the idea that mentally damaging an innocent child is perfectly acceptable, so long as it advances a political agenda.

And if Greta Thunberg takes her life when she comes of age to make that choice, who will accept the blame?  Not her parents and certainly not the liberals. She’ll become a martyr for their cause because the left assumes no responsibility for their dangerous rhetoric.  To them, she is their prop for change, not a fragile young child being abused for political means.

Children are being lied to, made to fear public policy through false predictions, and become political icons because the adults in the room believe in pushing a religious narrative. Pretty scary stuff when you consider that liberals hate religion anyway.. unless it’s their own.

Someone, please save Greta and get her the help she needs. Which adult in her life will do that?


4 thoughts on “The abuse of Greta Thunberg

  1. If I believed in government I’d say let them intervene. I don’t. Surely someone out there actually cares about this child and can do something to help her. I pray God she gets the help she needs. Children should not be the props for partisan politics but here we are. The anti-Christian attitudes of of modern technological culture reveals itself more and more each day. Not because of technology per se but because of the uses to which technology is put. God help us all.

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