The Dorian Alabama Conspiracy

Good God

Not sure why this is even a thing in 2019.

On Aug 28th, model runs of Hurricane Dorian, which was just east of Puerto Rico, had projected a possible landfall along the eastern coast of Florida as a category 3 storm.


Model runs later in the day projected a wide range of possible outcomes for the hurricane in the days to come, including some that would show the hurricane crossing into the Gulf of Mexico and hitting the panhandle of Florida, as well as the states of Alabama and Georgia


The President even shared a graphic of many more models on his twitter for the same day:

NOAA’s 5 Day cone on the same day showed Dorian following the general model tracks going through central Florida almost straight through.



Based on these graphics and model predictions, the states along the Southeastern United States were all in the cross hairs of a major hurricane.

The crazy thing about all this is in the statement where Trump said that not only Alabama, but Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina along with Florida could be impacted by this major storm.  It was true on August 28th.  But by Sept 1st, the model runs had changed, suggesting that Dorian would not make landfall over Florida, but instead further north towards North Carolina.  Still, those same states were in the potential path.

The President tweeted on September 1st:

Later, the NWS Office in Birmingham, Alabama, tweeted:

The skirmish exploded when reporters got wind of a rogue NWS employee in Birmingham taking on the President.  It’s Trump vs. Science!  STOP THE PRESSES!

Anyone who follows hurricane forecasting knows that model runs are not all that precise and within just a few short hours, the models can all go haywire.  Generally, as the storms get closer to land and interact with land based weather systems, the models more accurately predict the storms path and severity.  Of course, that’s not always the case, but in most respects, Alabama was in far less danger than it was three days prior.

Still, the media went into frenzy, insisting that, yet again, Trump was wrong all along and using the NWS field office tweeter as cover.

In fact, Trump was not wrong, he was actually very presidential. On August 28, the Southeastern United States was the target of a major hurricane.  He acted as the president should by marshaling government agencies to plan for the worse.  Even though the storm had yet to interact with the US coastline on September 1st, there was still the possibility that the storm could change direction at any moment.

This is exactly what you’d want from the president: Someone who anticipates and prepares for looming disaster, thinking of the well-being of American citizens.  Regardless of whether Alabama would have suffered, the other states mentioned were still in the path.

Of course, the tweet from the NWS in response to the President’s remarks was uncalled for, even by a government employee with opposing political views. And like clockwork, the press picked it up and ran with the story of Trump’s incompetence where his own government scientists had openly challenged him using social media.

The sad part is how the media started noticing Alabama after the September 1st tweet and for some reason, decided the supposed ruckus was worthy of national news, despite the fact that the Bahama’s was being destroyed. They totally missed that residents in Southeast were grateful for President Trump’s preemptive measures for public safety in a major weather event.  He acted like a leader should.

What we ended up with were the national establishment reporters, analysts, political figure heads, and NeverTrumper guardians all trying to harm the President over what constitutes danger from science.  Sure, Trump took umbrage to the characterizations. That’s what he does, but the press came out looking like pedantic children in the face of a destructive weather event.

On the other hand, people in Alabama are grateful they were missed.  Other state governors and citizens were happy that Trump was in office to coordinate their activities to reduce the loss of life.  Reasonable, rational people recognize that President Trump took his job seriously and cared about the lives of his constituents.

Meanwhile, there is this:

TIPHANIE YANIQUE: Yes. Well, good morning, Amy. Good morning, Juan. Thank you for having me again.

The truth is that these storms that are hitting the Caribbean with this intense magnitude are historic, unprecedented, and these storms are man-made storms. When I was growing up in the Caribbean, we would get really dangerous storms once a decade. And now we’re beginning to see them regularly. The Virgin Islands was hit by two Category 5 storms only two years ago, while President Trump indeed was our president: Category 5 storms Irma and Maria in 2017.

And to see now that the coverage is saying things like “Dorian is going to hit the United States later today” is incredibly insulting, an ongoing insult to the people of the United States Virgin Islands, because Dorian hit the United States Virgin Islands on August 28th, when it hit St. Thomas and St. John.

As Dr. Campbell said, it is quite ironic and saddening that the people who are most vulnerable to these man-made storms are the ones who, in all cases, are not the contributing factors to the carbon emissions that are causing these storms. These storms are being caused in huge part because of capital, U.S. North American capital, and places like the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas are the ones that are most vulnerable to these things.

That’s right, we have people in this world who actually believe that Trump is creating man-made hurricanes.  I’m quite certain Tiphanie will be appearing on CNN, MSNBC, or CBS to talk about her scientific discoveries of the newly man-made hurricanes on the planet.

Next thing you know, hurricanes next year will be racist and represent the oppressive patriarchy.  What a time to be alive.

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