What happened?

tom hanks hmmm

Been traveling the past week and noticed something big.. small.. happened..

Business continues to churn at a strong pace for me. This past week, I’ve not been able to check in with Big Bill Small until Friday when I noticed:


Apparently, he let it be known he was no longer on the air. Even his biography page on the KQ92 site returns a 404.

Even one of his comrades from Team Kimbergarten was caught off guard.


His Twitter account as of this weekend still shows him to be a “brand manager” and the 3-7 host on the station:



Scuttlebutt says that management had a sudden change of heart and that ol’ Bill was feeling the heat.  In other words, he had to skedaddle out of there.

Those of us who have been watching him know its not a shock that he wouldn’t last more than a few months. I’m not sure who won the pot, but my understanding is this one amassed quite the number of bills.


5 thoughts on “What happened?

  1. Finally, google comes to Burlington.

    I wonder if he hired an ice-maker so he could stage a slip in the carpark during sunny September.

    Oh well, back to regaling prospective sister in law with tales of heroic resistance through her wire-screen door.

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  2. Surely this isn’t the same guy who at one time was giving you grief over your professional life is it? I mean, I’ve had part-time teaching gigs that lasted longer than any of his past 5-7 radio gigs. Probably paid better, too.

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