DNC doesn’t take climate change seriously

You're actually serious

Why do they hate the planet?

Yesterday, the DNC’s only stalwart Climate Change candidate dropped out of the race because he couldn’t poll better than “someone else”.  Candidate “someone else” was an actual listing of all declared candidates and that option polled at 2 percent.

Today, the DNC has decided there will not be a debate on the single issue of Climate Change.

According to Gallup, nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that climate change is worrisome.

For Democrats, climate change is a top three issue.  In Iowa, polling among the caucus says that more than 8 in 10 democrats want to see aggressive action against climate change.

Many other leftist media are also reporting that climate change will be a major issue in the 2020 election.  NOAA’s most recent report that July was the hottest month recorded (since temperature record keeping over the past 160 years) has caused the usual alarmists to become even more alarmed, with many doubling appointments with therapists.

So for the DNC to ignore such a major issue seems counterproductive, almost as much as fundraising in Mexico.  Still, at least one major publication understands the importance of these issues among early state voters.  Hopefully, the DNC will stop hating the planet so much and get to caring about people by hosting a truly informed debate by asking the question: Who believes in climate change?



3 thoughts on “DNC doesn’t take climate change seriously

  1. They prove their concern about “man made” Climate Change by flying large numbers of candidates and their staff and media all over the US, raising money and campaigning in hopeless situations. And then DNC Chair Perez flies to Mexico to get money from US expats.
    This all proves that they’re dedicated to reducing their CO2 footprint or something.

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