Another one down.

TDS Scream

Trump takes down another less than one percenter..

Washington Governor Jay Inslee is suspending his campaign to become President.  In what many people call the “Climate Change” candidate, Inslee campaigned on a green platform to move the country towards renewable energy.  His plan included all kinds of the same things the other candidates promised, just his was different.

Unfortunately, his campaign was not embraced by the green groups of the progressive left, just like the gun control fanatics didn’t embrace current laughingstock and California Democrat representative Eric Swalwell who offered to deploy the US nuclear arsenal against American citizens who might defy an arms ban had we won the Presidency.

In reality, neither Swalwell nor Inslee had any real chance of even breaking past the 2% of “someone else” in Morning Consult’s latest polling.  Despite his heavy reliance on a theme of combating the looming death of the planet in 11 years and 7 months, he was not able to convince enough hippies and tree-huggers to embrace the love.

Democrats are becoming increasingly limited in choosing candidates that are showing signs of advanced Trump Derangement Syndrome.  While the President continues to keep things stirred up in the media, these candidates are fare more boring with their constant socialist themes backed up with hurling “Trump is a racist and if you support him you’re a racist too!” rhetoric.

In my informal, unscientific polling of my liberal friends, this latest news is not seen as surprising – if you consider that they had no idea who Jay Inslee is or even his platform for transforming the country post-Trump. In fact, the most common response to my queries of this very significant event has been, “We will survive after another term of Trump?”

Sadly, many have given up hope that there will be a savior who will rise from the democrat party and defeat Trump.  The warrior from Olympia Washington could barely make an impression on, well anyone with a pulse.  At least he and Eric can share stories during interviews on CNN.

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