Parkinson’s Update

You're actually serious

It’s still in remission.

I’ve been busy with other things the last couple of weeks.  Still keeping an eye on ol’ Bill, though. I’ve noticed on the KQ92 Facebook page he’s posted videos of himself working.

In the Dinner with Warrant contest, he was walking around a van while contestants were holding their hands on the vehicle as part of the endurance contest.

Strangely there were no wheelchairs, canes, cots, or recliners nearby for Bill to rest. In fact, he endured far beyond the 10 minutes he claimed back in 2017 that was his working limit.

Just to recap, Parkinson’s is a PROGRESSIVE disease – it NEVER gets better. And in 2017, he claimed he could only sit for 10 minutes at a time before having to lay down. Now, he can walk around, make vidoes, take pictures with listeners, and even travel for miles without the aid of a caregiver, or the need for special equipment to rest.

After all, he threatened a judge with an ADA lawsuit if he was unable to skype into a hearing. He also used that reasoning when he failed to show up for his own trial.

One of the things about all these Facebook posts and videos:  They are evidence that his past claims are false.  It is also evidence that his past actions, which are still within the SOL, can be used against him by those who want restitution for his crimes.

For the record, I have no intention of trying to sabotage his current employment. As long as he keeps behaving and leaving others alone, his chances of screwing it all up on his own continues to grow.  Or his past eventually catches up to him.

16 thoughts on “Parkinson’s Update

    • I’m not sure that he directly threatened the judge other than his normal ramblings over the internet. I don’t believe the judge was worried considering there are other crackpots he deals with regularly and Schmalfeldt was just one of many who over-inflate their legal capabilities.

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  1. The Long Quiet is certainly unexpected. I suspect a confluence of events, loss of inflate-support system, no more payments from the Maryland imp, possibly loss of the SS payments, necessitating responsible wage earning behavior for survival.

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  2. Much as I loathe the critter I’d rather he supported himself than that we the tax payers have to pony up. And losing the grift while having to behave like a decent human being is probably far worse punishment. At least he can’t claim victim status.

    And who knows, redemption is always possible. Highly unlikely in some cases, but always possible.

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  3. Screw him. Bill Schmalfeldt (aka Big Bill Small of KQ92) once threatened to destroy my wife’s business, simply because he didn’t like what I had to say. She didn’t even know who he was. I’m just waiting for the right time to take this up again.

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