Mueller doesn’t save the Democrats

TDS Scream

Another failure in their case against Trump.

It would be a fair statement, based on how Democrats have reacted since Trump’s election, that the defeat of Hillary Clinton is the sole motivation for their retribution. They pinned their hopes on Robert Mueller’s investigation to have him removed and avoid impeachment.

Since Mueller’s report, the democrats faced the difficult task of convincing the public that impeachment was now on the table.  The currents that are working against them are of their own doing:  The leftist media showcased for over two years people like Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler as having undeniable evidence of conspiracy and collusion that Robert Mueller’s team did not find.

The democrats theatrics turned out to be just that; a ruse and a spectacular failure.  Mueller didn’t deliver a spring Christmas present as expected and democrats over the top/all-in/he’s going to be removed shilling on cable news shows left them no room for the possibility that the investigation would turn up nothing.


Faced with this, the democrats changed messaging suggesting that if you really parse out the report, you’ll find evidence of criminal obstruction and perhaps even a stronger case for collusion.  Even Republican Justin Amish, who was a strong libertarian of the Republican party, decided that such a reading clearly showed that Mueller missed the boat.  The backlash against him was enough to get him to renounce his party affiliation.  He’s an independent now.

Anyway,  democrats worked hard to get Mueller to appear and even choreographed the hearing amongst themselves as the date came closer.  They promised a lot and hoped to move the ball towards their end goal: Making the case to have Trump impeached. All voters needed was to hear the report from Mueller himself, thinking those on the fence hadn’t read it.  They believed the hearing would sway public opinion in their favor.

It wasn’t long before the faces of liberals turned ashen:  Mueller was an embarrassment.  for his own investigation and work products.  Indeed, he appeared confused and evasive, frustrating both sides by not answering a number of questions. Curiously, some of those questions dealt with things in the report. In short, Mueller left them on their hill.

All this means is that democrats once again picked the wrong hill.  The slaughter was becoming evident that Chairman Nadler and his caucus decided to limit their time for follow-ups; let’s get it over with. Many liberal commentators, save for a few who apparently lived under rocks (meaning didn’t read the report) said the hearing overall didn’t help the democrats at all.  Impeachment will likely not happen.

But, tomorrow is another day. I’m sure the democrats will huddle to figure out how to salvage this debacle and look for another avenue to convince people that Trump should be removed.  Not sure that will work either, but so far, the in-kind donations to Trump 2020 continues.

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