TDS on steroids

TDS Scream

The affliction is growing on the campaign trail.

Over at Breitbart, Joshua Caplan reports on the t-ball interview given to Washington Governor Jay Inslee during the Netroots propoganda show on how he would govern should he be elected president.  During the session, he said one of his first acts was to nominate US Women’s National Team player Megan Rapinoe to be the Secretary of State.

His rationale is that he wants someone who embraces “love” rather than hate.

I’m not sure that the message of love would stop Iran with nuclear weapons and proliferation of terrorists, unless he agrees that Iran would “love” a nuclear weapons arsenal to destroy Israel and sustain attacks on American interests around the world, then this would support his policy of “love”.

Of course, there is also the issue of Rapinoe being a woman soccer player of low tolerance to men in general having to deal with religious zealots who happens to have very different beliefs.  She also happens to be gay which is against the law in Iran.

But there is another problem.  Countries in the Middle East have laws about women covering their hair.  Will Rapinoe follow local laws and customs in those countries as Secretary of State and how will she broach women’s rights issues with those countries?  Granted, the narrators were obviously not geared to challenge Governor Inslee on, well, anything, but it was evident that the event’s focus was how to hate on Trump.

Of course, there was one other example in the video where TDS has become the prevalent

At some point, these democrat candidates are going to have to explain how they plan to address the obvious problems their policies and commitments, but for now, they provide great material for the general election campaign ads.

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