Haha no


Bill Schmalfeldt is retweeting.  The topics of the tweets he is interested in sharing with his mostly illiterate following comprise of leftists taking stands against pedophiles and photoshopped pictures.


Gus and Peter have apparently never heard of Brett Kimberlin and his associates who like teen girls.  Schmalfeldt knows Kimberlin and has even called him a friend. Yet, Bill never condemned Kimberlin’s documented sexual encounters with underage girls; the comments that Matt Osborne made about Craig Gillette’s child pornography stash; and William Ferguson’s posting of a meme and agreeing with its premise saying he would have sex with a 14 year old girl.

Jon Cooper passing around a photoshop image to falsely suggest that Trump and his family are linked to Jeffrey Epstein has never heard of Bill Schmalfeldt’s photoshopping of Kimberlin’s adversaries and making false assertions about those individuals sexual orientation.

But here is Bill retweeting individuals who have taken a moral stand and he wants to be counted among them.  In order to do that, he must first repent of his past sins and make restitution to those he wronged. Otherwise, it’s not genuine.  Don’t hold your breath on this because he is running from his past as fast as he can.

Speaking of not being genuine, I was not really surprised that Bethany Mandel made this tweet, just shocked at the site she used:

Breitbart Unmasked is the product of Team Kimbergarten (Brett Kimberlin’s group of misfits).  She has a much more sanctimonious view of conservatives and their integrity which is why she’s a #NeverTrumper.  That’s not to say I don’t appreciate her insights where we have common interests.

But to use BU and especially articles written by Bill Schmalfeldt – a very dishonest individual – without even checking the source material and doing research beyond the site lowers her credibility as someone who values integrity in her profession.  They caused personal harm to bloggers in defense of Brett Kimberlin.  Surely, Mandel has some desire to want to know the entire truth.

It’s OK to have disagreements with others; it’s another to blindly accept the reporting of a website without checking its credentials. After all, she has harped about the liberal media and fake news.  BU is worse than that.  It’s quite disappointing she ignores it in this case.  Then again, it’s not unexpected.

I doubt she cares much about anyone else’s views or facts on this issue.  Maybe one day she’ll take the time and do some real research on BU, and perhaps ask Ali and others who know him and get to the real truth.

7 thoughts on “Huh.

  1. This was the funniest line of the post:

    “Don’t hold your breath on this because he is running from his past as fast as he can.”

    Just the mental image of Bill Schmalfeldt running – to say nothing of doing so “as fast as he can” – can you say “I laughed until I cried until I puked?”

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