Not understanding the problem.

McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

Another day, another whine.

According to a report, Democrats have not received VIP tickets to what they are calling “President Trump’s Fourth of July Celebration”.

When contacted about the ticketing discrepancy, the White House Press Office said that “Salute to America” is free and open to the public and that it is not a ticketed event. Tickets are available for the VIP section but are not required for attendance.

“Any suggestion that this is a ticketed event is false,” the White House Press Office spokesman said.

When pushed about the fact that the RNC has received tickets for the VIP area but the DNC has not, the spokesman repeated his statement that the event is free and open to the public.

In case the media forgot, Democrats didn’t have a single American flag at their first debate.  They are completely supportive of Nike pulling their latest stock of shoes that have the Betsy Ross flag imprinted on them at the direction of woke Colin Kaepernick.  And there is hysterical outcry from their base that some military equipment will be on display and this does not align to their values.

Even the city of Charlottesville, Virginia has decided to no longer celebrate the birthday of Thomas Jefferson.  Just as the president predicted, the left is on the warpath to re-write history.

What it’s really about is them being consumed by Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Each day, the progressive (pun intended) disease continues to push democrats to extreme positions.  Liberals are falling over themselves to see who can out-hate Trump the most.

So why are they complaining about tickets if they don’t want to be near him anyway? I may wear a MAGA hat around town tomorrow.

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