Diversity with Immutable Traits

McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

It’s really not diversity but a bad eye test.

Social Justice dogma says that inclusiveness and diversity are achieved when any assembled group of individuals, no matter their purpose, have immutable characteristics that represent the community.   The checklist for these characteristics is long, mostly made up labels having been discovered by academics pursuing degrees in <insert protected class> studies programs and supported by the Obama administration. Being a white, heterosexual male, is frowned upon by these guardians of idiocy.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled on this:

The Big City Slick Ten is a group of actors and celebrities with roots from the surrounding Kansas City area who donate their time and faces to help raise money for the Cancer Center at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

The results have been phenomenal. Not only do the volunteer efforts of these folks raise millions of dollars to help families and researchers on the front lines of battling this horrific disease, they also have attracted talented medical people to help in the fight.

I think we can all agree that famous celebrities who give their time and efforts to raise money for such humankind causes is a great thing.  Raising awareness in this over-saturated social-media-diven world is a challenge, and having a big named actor does wonders especially if they have roots in your community.  The efforts should be lauded.

Unfortunately, the color of the group facing the media has triggered the local newspaper race huckster to extol that, despite the group’s noble intentions, something is rotten.  Toriana Porter is not one to let things slip by unnoticed.

This year’s celeb lineup does include Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, the NFL’s reigning MVP and an absolute must for the invite list. “Today” show host Al Roker is back for a return engagement. NFL commentator Curt Menefee and singer Selena Gomez are also on the short list of diverse celebrity guests.

But the list of white celebrities now numbers more than 30.

Is it a problem with the charity itself?  Here is what they say:

A spokeswoman for Big Slick said most invitations result from personal relationships among the five hosts, and that timing and availability of other celebrities is sometimes an issue. For every one celebrity guest who donates a full weekend to participate, there are at least five who can’t make the trip for a wide variety of reasons, including touring, filming or other obligations, she said.

Even so, this is problematic for the author:

But what does it say to Kansas City’s minority communities when the public faces of the event are all white men, and the guest list is largely void of people of color? Perception matters, and the optics are stark. In 2019, diversity and inclusion should be intentional.

Her pearl clutching gets a little help from the local college leadership.

“There are many, many large social events in Kansas City that lack inclusion,” said Susan B. Wilson, vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. “This is just one in a stream of activity that is just not inclusive, and I think it mirrors the dividedness of Kansas City.”


Two things stand out: No data to support the assertion that there is a serious problem with inclusiveness and diversity, and that these self-appointed leaders of the minority community provide little evidence the constituency shares their concern.

A better question:  Why aren’t more minorities accepting invitations?  The article never follows that path, instead focusing on what SJW dogma demands.  The charity is at fault for not abiding the “thou shalt be inclusive” edict. Until they has the proper “community” diversity in its media events, the charity must be called out and answer for its felonious violations of liberal commandments.

Hard to take Ms. Porter seriously when she is nothing but an embarrassment to her community.  And yes, I presumed a gender assigned and a “she” pronoun.

3 thoughts on “Diversity with Immutable Traits

  1. Hey man, if you can’t check off enough boxes on the Diversity Bingo card, I’m sorry, but you’ll just have to cancel your little unwoke fundraiser weekend and oh by the way, FUCK A BUNCH OF CANCER PATIENTS.

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