Wait, what?

Haha no

Elizabeth Warren’s plan for creating jobs is by fighting.. climate change.

She throws out some numbers and one of them is the supposed “Climate Change” global market worth around $23 trillion.

I’m not sure where she gets that number from but in order to have a market, there has to be some kind of demand.  If it exists, especially of that market value, Solyndra and other companies supported by Obama’s Energy Department would not only still be around, they might be as big as most oil companies, if not some tech giants.  I can’t imagine that US companies haven’t already seen the potential!

Obviously, she doesn’t believe what she says. Her plan is to throw hundreds of billions of taxpayer money into research that private companies will be able to use to build American businesses with good paying union jobs.

This raises the obvious question: If climate change is such a huge market, why do we need to throw so much taxpayer money at it to realize it?

For her liberal audience, she paints the global climate as a crisis that needs to be addressed. While she talks about it as a sorta capitalist solution, her plan is more government spending to kick start it and hope American ingenuity will take over. All the correct buzzwords assembled together to keep her audience nodding.

Of course, she has no track record on legislating economic growth, much less running a business.  In her first campaign for Senator, she derided business owners that they were not responsible for the fruits of their labors, something that Obama picked up with his “You didn’t build that!” speech.

Her only accomplishment is that she was hired in academia and law firms by claiming to be a Native American, which turned out to be false.  Because she doesn’t like Donald Trump, she gets a pass for violating one of the more liberal sacred rules about appropriating culture from another ethnic group.

If she manages to win the nomination, I would hope one of the debate questions is about her business plan for creating jobs from a climate change market she claims is ripe for the pickings. Not going to hold my breath.

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