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Liberal feels in the park.

This park redevelopment is from the Climate Ready Boston project, which is part of the larger Boston 2030 city development planning.  The climate projects rely on climate studies that use worst case scenarios from global climate models.

According to their website, sea levels are expected to be 9 inches higher in the 2030’s, which is literally just 10 years away.  By 2070, it is expected to be almost 36 inches higher. These data points are shared when describing short term and long term project planning.

NASA’s website currently shows that sea level rise (SLR) is approximately 3.3 mm a year for the past 30 years. That means over the last three decades, sea levels have risen a little over 1 inch PER DECADE.


Graphic generated from

In order to reach the 9 inches necessary by 2039 (which is two decades) the SLR would have to rise by 4 times the current trend and have to start this year.  So far, there is no deviation from the current trend in 2019.  A lot of ice better start melting.

What is important, however, is the use of social justice warrior language in describing the park: It is inclusive.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I have yet to come across any public park that is purposely not inclusive.  The city of Boston is very proud that the planners and designers took into account liberal feels during its development and construction, not only to protect its public resources from climate models, but also that everyone is now welcome.

If there was ever an example of using a faux crisis to build a park and showcase it as a doing something for the environment and helping social causes, this is it.  The park is nice, but I wonder what people will say in 15 years and notice that the ocean was never a threat?  Or for that matter, what do you think all those climate scientists living in Boston will say when their dire predictions don’t pan out?

2 thoughts on “Ummm…

  1. Bah – it’s Mass. Democrats/Liberals have a complete stranglehold here. Even though we have had one of the wettest springs and early summer, some of the towns around here have already posted their mandatory water restrictions signs. That means they either have completely mismanaged their water supply/demand situation, or they just like to control what people can do. It could even be both.

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    • We already know what they’ll say when their predictions fail, because they’ve been predicting similar doom for decades. They’ll just mive the timeline, again, and also insist that they stand behind their previous predictions.

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