He’s back!


It seems someone has a new gig.

Here is the link to the station. His new moniker: Big Bill Small.

His Parkinson’s Disease has returned to remission.  Remember, his Facebook statement regarding his rapid departure from Montana was because the disease had progressed to the point he could no longer work and had to return to South Carolina for care.

Will he have to scrub toilets at his new digs?  Are the nuptials still on?

Pool sheets are available in the break room for $20 an entry.

15 thoughts on “He’s back!

  1. Heh. I wonder if he’s realized yet that he has Trump to thank for the labor shortage keeping him sort-of employable? If he’s even able to admit that to himself, could he admit it to anyone else?
    More likely, past is prologue, and within the month he will have been unable to keep his usual stock of regurgitated DNC talking points off the air, and oh no here comes the Porkinsons again.

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  2. Back in Iowa again, is he? I wonder if Steve or John did the least bit of due diligence on checking out his past. I see they still have a fax machine – might be time to dust mine off and send a few copies of some old, but still valid, legal documents.

    He is proving to be right about one thing – his Porkinsons is never going to go away, or get any better.

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  3. Wonder what will happen when the new bosses get a copy of his recent writings that he just quit a radio gig because he Parkinson’s was so bad he could no longer work. Accompanied, of course, by his own writings about how Parkinson’s never gets better, only worse.

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  4. Ok, forget for a moment the EFFORT required to drive across multiple states and then find a place to live. Again.

    Think about the EXPENSE. Must not have to worry about multi-month rental agreements, security deposits and all that. Implication, also, is that everything they both own fits in to a car. Not possible if he still owned Scooty Puff (It’s Red; VROOM, VROOM!). I miss Scooty Puff. Hail fellow well met. He’s gone to a better owner: Bill Clinton. Oh, man- The Babes. But I digress.

    Bill Schmalfeldt is driven. Absolutely driven. I’d be interested in his take on why Air America Radio failed while Limbaugh/Ingraham/Hannity/Hewitt/Medved thrive. Bill being a student of broadcast radio and all that- I can’t help but think, I don’t feel; I think, that he must see a opportunity for a anti-Limbaugh. I myself don’t see it. The talk-radio market nationwide, to date, agrees with me.

    I speculate the goal is to get somebody, anybody, to recognize his genius and go against their market to provide Bill Schmalfeldt with the opportunity to bring enlightenment to The Deplorables. Small market success, discovery and then off to the Big Leagues. Well. Maybe not New York or LA immediately. But Memphis. Than Atlanta… maybe? Then BOSTON! Or New York. Maryland? Oh, Maryland, the synergies-

    The truth is out there.

    Go, Bill. Go. The nation turns its angry eyes to you. #OrangeManBad

    And don’t sue me, Brett.

    PS- I had to edit the daylights out of my original draft here because I don’t want to provide insights to the monkey.

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    • Yeah, I was wondering about all the various expenses and problems and details in moving thousands of miles around the country in a year or so. Where does the money come from?
      I wonder how long the probationary period is, and when company insurance kicks in.

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    • Yes, the things that don’t fit into the car for the trip, and must be disposed of:
      Any cats or dogs
      Saint Gail of the Clockwork Urn
      Plexiglass Journalism Awards
      Walkers and canes
      The extensive library of books he wrote
      Documentation of any pre-existing medical conditions

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  5. It’s uncanny how many far-flung burgs in your country qualify as “my town” and “the people here know me”. It’s curious how William is never asked back to one.

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