What’s missing from the Mueller Report?

tom hanks hmmm

It’s a question I have asked numerous times.

With the release of the Mueller report showing that no American conspired with the Russians to influence the election, one question is not answered:

How many votes were affected by the two pronged Russian approach as described in Mueller’s report?

It is probably true that the Russian’s capture and subsequent release of John Podesta’s emails and DNC documents may have swayed some voters. Indeed, the emails proved Trump’s narrative on the corrupt relationship between the dishonest media and the democrats.

What is not shared is how many memes and social media postings from the Internet Research Agency affected any vote totals.  While some supposed experts believe the meddling cost Hillary the election, they never seem to show where the voters changed their minds to pull the lever for Trump or not to pull it for Hillary.

Still, the basis for the investigation itself, as described from the Mueller report, was not on how many votes were actually changed, but for the fact that intelligence agencies believed the the Russians were involved in manipulating the election from an unlikely meeting.

What started it all was supposedly a communication from an Australian diplomat talking to George Papoudaplous at a wine bar in England in June of 2016.  The conversation was so shocking that FBI officials believed that the Trump campaign was actually colluding with the Russians to sway the election.

Fast forward to the beginning of April 2019 when Barr released his original summary and detailing that, in fact, not a single American had even cooperated with the Russians even though overtures were made. It was great news for the country.

Democrats, for their part, still ask, “Why isn’t Trump upset that the Russians meddled?” That line of thinking supposes that the Russians actually influenced voters, something Hillary Clinton has claimed along with dozens of other reasons on why she lost.  Without any quantitative evidence, distraught democrats and liberals have said, and continue to state unequivocally, there was collusion, and even if it can’t be proven, Trump won because of the Russians.

Which brings us back to what is actually missing in the report:  Just how exactly did Trump win from memes, tweets, Facebook groups and Wikileaks release of hacked material?  Wouldn’t that be important to help understand the breadth and scope of a supposed secret operation of national security importance?

Let’s not forget that the Russians were not alone. Intelligence agencies have also reported that China, Iran, North Korea and other countries are engaged sowing political discord the same as the Russians in this country. Liberals just can’t tell you in what way the Russians affected the election – they just know it in their heart of hearts because their candidate lost.

Barr’s recent statement that he is looking into the reasons for the genesis of all the intelligence operations of the FBI has spooked the liberals.  After all, it was Obama who stood up in December of 2016 and imposed sanctions on the Russians for interfering; it was just never shown to the extent that supposedly cost Hillary the election.  Why would it matter to them anyway since Obama is gone?  Oh yeah, 2020 is on the horizon.

What we’re left with is the why.  It’s clear the Russians had a favorite and used a dozen people behind computers on a third floor office building in St. Petersburg, Russia to use social media to influence voters. How it affected the 120+ million people who voted on that day will never be known. The result is more than two years of a hoax against a duly elected President initiated by the previous administration because some foreign contact was “really concerned” about a statement from a lower level Trump campaign worker he was having lunch with in London.

Now we have to listen to endless “obstruction” of an investigation into a crime that never existed. I bet this doesn’t go the way Democrats hope, either.


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