Pete Buttigieg’s White Privilege problem

Sigh head down

Self-awareness failure in progress.

At a rally in Iowa, Mayor Pete’s “Orange Man Bad” utterances points right back at him.

“By far the political movement that is most based on identity politics is Trumpism. It’s based on white guy identity politics. It uses race to divide the working and middle class,” he told the AP. “There are a lot of strategies to blame problems on people who look different or are of a different faith or even of a different sexuality or gender identity. … It’s a cynical political strategy that works in the short term but winds up weakening the whole country in the long term.”

Later he says this:

“I mean being pro-racial justice should not be skin off the back of any white voter,” he said. “I think there’s certainly an environment where sometimes these ideas are pitted against each other, where it’s suggested, for example, that connecting with white working-class voters somehow means that you have to walk away somehow from our commitment to racial justice — but our commitment to racial justice is part of the bedrock of the moral authority of the Democratic Party.”

Funny stuff.  Buttigieg told folks during his campaign kickoff that America was never great.  Earlier in that speech, he remarked about the greatness of South Bend in its heyday of prosperity.  Later, he denounced the politics of the word “again”, not realizing that his hometown prosperity is what his community wants.. wait for it.. again.

At the same time, he invokes the sins of the past in regards to America’s greatness. He, like his other contenders, use social justice as a lens to clarify history.  They also avoid the culprit of those past injustices – the Democrat Party and their bedrock of racial discrimination and oppression.

Trump’s policies and legislative agenda, on the other hand, have seen historical records of employment and wealth gains across all races and classes.  More women and minorities are creating small businesses and thriving than ever before.  Working class Americans, regardless of label, are seeing wage gains promised under Obama. Not once did Trump have to invoke identity politics, rather, he let his actions do the talking.

Mayor Pete though, has nothing to show for his own work. Instead, his speeches are nothing more than virtue signaling and demonstrative lack of economic concepts that allow him say really stupid things like, “Your cable company can take away your freedom.”  Another silly thing: Health Care is a right.

But what’s more important is that he’s aware of his white privilege and his need to convince “white voters” that it’s OK to be pro-racial justice – whatever that means.  In short, white voters need to be more sensitive to other races and he’s the guy to do it.  As if the democrat party headed by a lot of old white people want to have a young white person explain that they are racist.  To do that, he has to vilify white people.. ergo, use identity politics.

Self-awareness failure in progress.


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